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The Muralist (Robert Gilbert)

Initially, I was going to start this sentence talking about how we’ve “lost” A beautiful soul, by the name of Rodney Gilbert, who departed this place called earth and passed on to the great beyond. Instead of talking about loss, lets write about continuum.

As “Alan Watts” said, while trying to explain life, it’s “best understood by the analogy of music”. I too will use it to explain the Artist, Rodney Gilbert. He is best understood by the analogy of music.

Alan goes on to illustrate that; with music one doesn’t make the end of a composition but the point of the composition. The point of Rodney Gilbert was always 100 percent embedded in the love for his community and the lives in it. An ever-moving force that continues to beautify our great city through inspired artist he has touched and positively impacted in one-way or another.

One of the MANY! evident aspects of his “musical composition called LIFE, that continues to make its point, is the many murals that he oversaw creating in the city of Newark. It is almost impossible to drive through Newark without coming across one of these beautiful sites that continue to bless passersby’s night and day.

It's interesting that though Rodney did not actually paint these murals, they would not have been painted or created without his orchestration. MUSIC!

Rodney Continues to be an arts activist in the hearts and minds of those he touched. He continues to touch lives through the many he has, inspired, impacted, empowered, and motivated to act through ART.

He has not arrived at a destination called LOST, he continues to move and touch the hearts of artists and residents of this beautiful City called Newark and beyond.

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