About I'm So Newark

Image Capturing
I'm So Newark is about capturing and sharing the essence of Newark past present and future. Newark, a city with a rich culture, has gone through, and is currently going through major changes. I'm So Newark's aim is to highlight the positive things that are happening in and around Newark NJ. It's people, it's culture and the landscape.
The Art of Story Telling
I'm So Newark affords the Art of story telling and expression through static and moving images to those that may not normally have access. I'm So Newark is here to assist those re entering society from penal systems, and those that are unemployed, and seeking training that may help them in the art of Media.
Culture Spotlight
I'm So Newark is all about shining the spotlight on people and things that mainstream media may overlook, or may have no interest in reporting. I'm So Newark is all about spotlighting positive things happening in our neighborhood and the people and or forces behind making them happen. The Movers and Shakers.